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Round 1 Playoff Beard Update

Posted April 19, 2012

The Capitals are now four games, and a full seven days into their playoff experience, which means it’s time for the Round 1 Playoff Beard Update. The patron saint of Capitals Playoff Beards is Karl Alzner (pictured above) who was kind enough to pose for these photos after the game, and even asked to see how they looked on my LCD. It’s tough to match Karl for fullness but some other Caps are making an attempt. Our own video didn’t come out crisp enough for screen captures, but apparently the good folks at Caps365 can afford better equipment than us. So, in the interest of quality, we’ve opted to borrow some screen captures from their video interviews from today. Full beard analysis follows below.

Jason Chimera : Working on a Goatee with more hair on his face than his head. Note the lack of connecting mustache, which he grows for Movember.

Troy Brouwer : A Veteran of Playoff Beard Growing. Expect it to get full and dark.

John Erskine : This is Big John’s first game in the lineup, so we’ll assume this is one day’s worth of growth. What a man!

Mike Knuble : It looks like we might have a little salt and pepper in this Vet’s beard. Let’s hope Coach Hunter doesn’t subscribe to that old commercial line, “No Play for Mr. Gray!”

Braden Holtby : The impressive young net-minder has the makings of an impressive playoff beard as well. While it appears a little short currently, it looks like he has coverage in all of the right places. Although it’s creeping down pretty far onto his neck which may get scary later.

Brooks Laich : It’s sometimes a bit tough for the light haired guys to make a big impact, but consider this another thing Brooks does well. What a dreamboat!

Alex Ovechkin : The goatee with moustache appears to be the facial hair of choice for Ovechkin this playoffs. We were hoping for the return of the beard, but I guess this will have to do. Thanks for nothing Gillette.

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