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Posted November 17, 2011

In-game videos and other multimedia are part of what make the experience at Verizon Center so entertaining. The night begins with a video of a hooded figure preparing for the game, and each night he drops his hood to reveal a different Caps player. The video is simple but fun, and long-time fans know that videos like this one have been pumping up crowds for years now.

In fact, the Caps have a reputation for leading the league (and even all of professional sports) when it comes to in-game multimedia entertainment. The Golden Matrix Awards (GMAs), presented each year by the Information Display and Entertainment Association (IDEA), reward teams for things like “Best Show Open” or “Best Mascot Video,” and the Caps have racked up 16 of those awards dating back to 2001. That puts them behind only The Ohio State University (24) and the Seattle Mariners (21), and light years ahead of any other NHL or D.C. teams.

 Caps Golden Matrix Awards

Best Show Open 4 (2001-2003, 2009)
Best In-Game Feature 4 (2001, 2003, 2006, 2009)
Best Overall Video Display – Hockey 3 (2001, 2001, 2007)
Best Overall Video Display 2 (2002, 2007)
Best Music Video 2 (2002, 2007)
Best Mascot Video 1 (2003)

So what’s the latest wave in in-game video entertainment? To me, it seems to be game-specific content. Whereas initially a video was exciting, and later a night-to-night customizable video like the hoodie game opener was the cutting edge, now the Caps seem to have the capacity to turn out entire videos just for a certain match-up.

Take the recent match-up against the Dallas Stars. Before the usual game opener video, the Jumbotron played a retro-style intro set to the theme of the TV show Dallas. It wasn’t long or fancy, but it made fans feel like tonight was a special match-up. In the midst of enjoyable but somewhat repetitive in-game videos and activities, it was a refreshing change.

Between these custom videos, interactive features (think waving your arms or pointing a certain direction to answer a trivia question), and some of the best sports movie montages I’ve ever seen, it looks like the Caps have found a niche as best-in-the-league when it comes to video capabilities.

See more game-day entertainment videos on Caps365.

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Washington Capitals 2018 Stanley Cup Champs Gear