And Then There Was a Kilt…

Posted October 9, 2011

For some time now I thought about creating a whole new wardrobe for myself, for when I go to Capitals games and specialty events. One of those things I thought about was creating a Washington Capitals Kilt. Now I’m a huge fan of the Medieval Ages, and known for going to Renaissance Faires and doing Darkon (A Medieval Live Action Role Playing War Game). When I go to these events, I always wear my black UtiliKilt because I love getting into the mood of the event. Going to a Caps games is no Medieval affair of course, but if one was to have a Caps Kilt specially made for wear to Caps games and specialty events, then I see no problem with that. The story of its creation follows after the jump.

I started planning to have the Caps Kilt made last year right before the 2010-11 season started. It took six months to find a place that made a Red, White, and Blue kilt that was dominate Red over the other two colors. After I found the kilt that I liked best, I ordered it online and made a few customization requests, belt loops and pockets. It took two months for the kilt to be made and customized. During that time I started looking online for Washington Capitals patches. I quickly found the center crest and shoulder patches. I also found the 20th Anniversary and 9-11 patches the team has worn in the past. After getting the kilt and the patches, I started mapping out the best places for the patches. It was quickly discovered that only one patch could be put onto the kilt itself, and that was the main logo. So we took one of the Weagle patches and put it on a belt square to be worn off of my belt. And now I have what is known as the Caps Kilt.

I first debuted the kilt at CapsCon 2011 this past September, and to my surprise, it was well received by my fellow fans. Now of course there were those who made fun of the kilt, but to each their own. Last night at the Home Opener I wore the Caps Kilt to it’s first Caps Game, also to my surprise, to a very positive reception as well. Two female Caps fans even requested their picture with me because of the kilt and my Caps tattoos.

The Caps Kilt is here, and it is here to stay. See you at the Caps games this season everyone, you know what I’ll be wearing!

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