Nicknames for Each of Ovechkin’s Seasons

Posted September 17, 2011

First of all, happy birthday to Alex Ovechkin, who turns 26 today. Fortunately for the Caps, his birthday is Sept. 17, and not two days sooner, because then he would’ve been 18 and eligible for the 2003 draft where the Penguins were sure to have taken him instead of Marc Andre Fleury. A year later the Capitals would’ve selected Evgeni Malkin, and a year after that the Penguins would’ve gotten Sidney Crosby. It gives me the chills thinking that only 48 hours in the womb could’ve changed our hockey-lovin’ lives.

Now on to the article…

Each of Ovechkin’s seasons have had an overarching storyline. This was most apparent in 2008-09 when Don Cherry complained that Ovechkin celebrates too much, which created a flood of media attention, and also in 2009-10 when Ovechkin’s physical play earned him a couple of suspensions and ejections, and more criticism. So looking back on the past six years, we came up with a nickname (more like a phrase) that sums up his season, even if it mocks the critics who brought it to everyone’s attention.

Year GP G A Pts
 2005-06 81 52 54 106
Rookie year nickname: “The Goal” season
 2006-07 82 46 46 92
2nd year nickname: “Sophomore Slump” season. Anyone remember anything from this season?
 2007-08 82 65 47 112
3rd year nickname: “MV [email protected]#$ing P” season
 2008-09 79 56 54 110
4th year nickname: “Waaaahhh! Ovie Celebrates Too Much” season. (via Don Cherry)
 2009-10 72 50 59 109
5th year nickname: “Waaaahhh! Ovie Is Too Rough” season (i.e. the year he got suspended and kicked out of games) Check out Ovie’s most memorable moments of 09-10.
 2010-11 79 32 53 85
6th year nickname: “Falling Star” season, because Sports Illustrated said so, and they know everything, right?
2011-12 ? ? ? ?
7th year nickname: “Redemption” season… aka “Conn Smythe” season
 Career 475 301 313 614

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