Caps Hockey: It’s Your [email protected]#$ing Nightmare

Posted April 16, 2011

Before and throughout every Caps game, the Game Entertainment folks provide fans with an awesome soundtrack that not only pumps the excitement in the air, but as Bruce Boudreau would describe it, ‘[email protected]#$ing hits you in the face.’ Okay, I doubt Boudreau cares about the music but it’s clear that the sound of these tunes, the videos on the big screen, the flashing lights and the Washington Capitals skating out rattles the hell out of the Verizon Center crowd. Take away Ozzy Osbourne’s Let Me Hear You Scream and replace it with that country music the players have been listening too recently, and it’s suddenly the lamest experience in hockey.

For the playoffs, the @CapsGameEnt queued up a song they’ve been holding since it came out last summer, a song so good that we hope it becomes a regular in the rotation next season. It’s Avenged Sevenfold’s Nightmare (not Metallica). For the non-headbangers who enjoy Caps hockey, and find themselves liking this song and others, we’ll try to keep you posted on this music in the future. As for Nightmare, the Caps obviously don’t have the time to play the full NSFW song, so here it is. Guess which word they replaced with ‘Fury.’

And, the well-done Caps intro:

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