If Chad Dukes Ranted on Friday’s Loss

Posted November 19, 2010

Fortunately, most Caps fans know that Friday’s lackluster 5-0 loss to the Thrashers likely won’t sum up the season, the month, or even the week for the Capitals. But here’s how it would read if one particular Capitals fan took to the airwaves after the “Debacle in Atlanta.”

The Washington Redskins Capitals owe us. The Washington Redskins Capitals owe me, and they owe everybody else that has ever taken crap from Cowboys Penguins fans, that has ever not jumped on the Patriots‘ Red Wings or the Steelers‘ Devils’ bandwagon, that has remained loyal in this melting pot, you owe us money. We are not whores, and you are not our pimps. You owe us money, and you owe us an apology, because you went out there, and you half-assed it. You’re a joke, from the top down. Every single person on that team deserves to lose their job today. Every. Single. Person. How dare you not turn in your keys, how dare you not go out to Ashburn Kettler and say here’s my key card. Go screw. Boo them off the field ice, and then leave and go home and go on with your life. It’s not just one game. It’s 28 3 points goals in the first quarter period against the Eagles Thrashers with your season on the line. How dare you. You’re an embarrassment. You embarrassed the nation’s capital, the most powerful city in the world, you spit in our face last night. You spit. You capitalize, every single year, off the sweat and the blood of the people that built this franchise, you capitalize off it. Tired’s not the word; wounded’s the word. You kill me. You make me sick!

Just a bit of fun, Chad Dukes.

By the way, Atlanta bloggers are going nuts over this. Biggest. Win. Ever.