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Fighting Fans

Posted March 18, 2010

Source: yardbarker.com

Remember back in the day… at the old Capital Centre… when the Flyers came to town… the Philadelphia faithful bussed down, got drunk, and far more fights broke out in the stands than on the ice? It would be Dale Hunter and Rick Tocchet on the ice, and Caps fans vs. Flyers fans in the stands, usually in the cheap seats.

There aren’t as many fights between Capitals and Flyers fans anymore. Seems this happens more often with the Caps and Penguins. I witnessed two fights in the stands during the first period a couple of years ago. In another game, Penguins fans squared off against members of a beer league hockey team that was playing after the main event. Do you ever wonder if these guys need individual disability insurance ? I sure do. Who’s going to pay for all those missing teeth?

It only makes sense that more fights in the stands break out at Capitals-Penguins games than any other (though I have no statistics to prove it). Since the Flyers vs. Caps rivalry of the 80s, the Capitals and Penguins almost routinely play each other in the playoffs. They’re only about four hours apart so the rabid Pens fans are more likely to come down for a game. Capitals fans HATE Sidney Crosby (and I’m fairly certain that Pens fans hate Ovie). Add all of these up and you not only get great hockey games, but bad blood that spills over to drunken fans looking to throw fists.

Then again, the last notable incident at a Capitals game involving a fan was against the Rangers.

Let’s also admit that occasionally, Capitals fans fight other Capitals fans, though I haven’t ever witnessed that (fights at Redskins games between Washington fans aren’t uncommon).

Comments? Thoughts?

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