In the Locker Room: Chris Cooley

Posted October 15, 2009
Ted Leonsis and Tanner Cooley, from

Ted Leonsis and Tanner Cooley, from

Shortly after games end, the Capitals locker room is a media circus surrounding Ovechkin and a few other players (not all) who do notable things in the game. The cameramen film as Lisa Hillary and other on-air talent ask questions, while the print folks squeeze together and hold up their recorders. The Russian press is usually there as well.

While the same holds true after Thursday’s 4-1 victory over San Jose, there was another recognizable face asking questions – Redskins all-star tight end Chris Cooley (along with backup tight end Todd Yoder and Chris’s brother, Tanner). “Don’t touch me, Ovie!” Chris yelled as Ovechkin snuck up behind him as he was about to take a picture. Cooley was interviewing them for his blog, in response to Green and Backstrom interviewing the Redskins a few weeks ago.

Cooley and Yoder had media credentials and were joking around with Mike Green and others. Ted Leonsis also made an appearance. Needless to say, the locker room was slightly more interesting than usual on Thursday. Here is the interview Cooley posted on his blog: