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Ovechkin to Penguins, “You Suck”

Posted May 6, 2009

Apparently Alex Ovechkin joined in with the crowd in a bit of a Maryland Tradition during game two. I just saw @dcsportsbog‘s tweet about the TSN article mentioning the incident, and went looking on You Tube. Sure enough, here is a clip of Alex showing a bit of personality. Is this likely to make Sidney cry more?

I guess if you are going to import some video of Alex Ovechkin chanting “You Suck”, you may as well do it in HD. Well done, IHeartXenu. Quotes from TSN after the jump.

From TSN :

Ovechkin may have added a little trash-talk to the equation as he appeared to be chanting “Penguins suck” along with the Verizon Center faithful near the end of the game. The Pens were not about to be drawn into a war of words with the Capitals superstar.

“This is the first I’ve heard about it and I don’t have any thoughts about it,” Penguins coach Dan Bylsma told reporters. We’re talking about controlling our team and what we’re doing and I don’t have any interest in getting involved in a situation where I’m trying to control the other team and their players.”

If that was the team wide verdict, then not everyone got the memo.

“That’s the way he is,” Pens’ forward Jordan Staal said of Ovechkin. “Obviously he’s an exciting player, but at the same time he wants to win. When he does stuff like that he gives a little fuel for the fire of our team.”

The question remains, can the Pens use that motivation to turn the series around on home ice? If they cannot then the dream meeting will seem like a mini-series rather than the epic everyone was hoping for.

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